Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) members claimed Sunday that Islamic Emirate forces took over the AIBA office in Kabul and the government (Islamic Emirate) is aiming to use it as a government office functioning under the Ministry of Justice.

The AIBA, which was functioning independently in accordance with the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) laws, was established by a private fund and the government was only to monitor the association’s operations.

Meanwhile, the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute in a statement called for the sustained independence of the AIBA, saying the Islamic Emirate’s international recognition will face further challenges by taking such steps.

“The AIBA is no longer independent, it is part of the Ministry of Justice and a caretaker introduced for the association,” said Mohammad Bashar, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice.

The Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) was formed in 2008 to work for promoting and protecting rule of law, social justice and for the implementation of Islamic instructions in Afghanistan. More than 6,000 defense attorneys from across the country became members of the AIBA and its provincial centers which were open in almost all provinces of the country.

Source: Tolo News

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